The taste of failure and success

So many confusions, so many questions before starting the journey and ultimately when you fail, depression is the first thing to be around you. It really hurts, I know. However, everybody has tasted this bitter taste in their life. It is up to you how you take it and what you do to get over it.

I started my own business and You may not believe it that after a seven-year of hard work, last month I just faced the biggest loss. All my hard work and most importantly, my time. I cannot even remind my seven years that are just like a blink of eyes to me. What I remember is working late night to maintain all the deals and manage the events. It really hurts.

But you know what? This is just a part of life. When we got stuck in a situation, we should remember that the situation is not going to last forever. Every failure teaches you the most important lesson of life. I have made my way to get over it. Let me share some of my tricks with you that plays a magical role to bring back that lost smile in my face.

Travelling is my hobby or you can say I am a part-time hiker. Discovering new places and going for an adventure trip are something I always do whenever I feel an utmost pressure to take a break. I love to visit cities, their historic places. I love fast-changing cities that come to me as a chance to forget my failure.  I get a reason every time I visit a new place to live fully and fight back. New York is at the top of my list as a traveler just to chill and there’s no such place in the world than the ever-young New York.

Who doesn’t love to shop? It works like a medicine for me. Every time, I get an upset mood or fails at something, I step out of my home and buy something new for me. It actually feels good to bribe yourself sometimes when you need it most. Just to save time, online shopping from websites like Stylewe is a great experience. Never ever hesitate to find the best thing when you need to feel special. You know what is the best thing happen to you when you go shopping? Your mind stays diverted from all the mental pressure and with time, you actually forget why you were sad. It works for me every time if my wallet supports me. I feel like having a control upon the world. It always feels good to have a command over things.


People often fail and stand back. Actually, you fail when you decide not to stand back or not to fight back. I believe I get hurt when I failed, but I also know the fact that this is not the end. My happiness entirely depends on me. So, a little pampering by visiting new places or buy something new for me is the best you should after a failure. Make yourself special in your own eyes and failure will be on their way home.


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