4 Extremely Silly Weight Loss Health Tips

In this article I want to talk about the three extremely silly weight loss tips to put them to bed once and for all.

Number one:Eat less calorie tip

First of all, one of the things that you’ll be told is that one pound of fat equals thirty-five hundred calories. If you just eat five hundred calories less per day, at the end of the week you’ll lose a pound. Sounds good in theory, but what they’re not factoring in is what the hormone system does to those calories. Not all calories are treated the same. Fat has the most calories, but it has the least effect on the negative hormones. Let’s just take insulin for example. In the presence of insulin, you’re not going to lose weight. I’m sorry. It’s just not going to happen. Well, fat is almost neutral, but carbohydrates really spike that insulin. The point is, it really depends on what calories you’re talking about. It sounds good in theory, but in actual fact, it doesn’t really work. Okay?

4 Extremely Silly Weight Loss Health Tips

Number Two: Everything in Moderation

All right, number two, everything in moderation. This is another piece of bad information, bad tip, because for you to consume a little bit of junk food in moderation, here’s the true data. All it takes is a little bit of junk, a little bit of sugar to pump you out of fat burning for at least forty-eight to seventy-two hours, especially if you’re metabolism is slow. This is what people don’t realize is just they’re thinking the calorie model. They’re not looking at hormonally what’s happening to those calories.

This advice, allowing people to consume alcohol to lose weight, it’s not good advice. I think even in some of the USDA Food Pyramid recommendations, they say, “Women can drink one glass of alcohol per day. Men can drink two glasses of alcohol per day.” That’s really under the weight loss. That’s bad information. They’re saying you can have in moderation, or a diet that you might see that, “Oh yeah, our diet works because we let you eat the food that you really, um, enjoy, but in less amounts.” Still that doesn’t work. It’s bad advice. Okay. You want to consume certain things in large quantities and other things in very small quantities or zero quantities, specifically sugar. You don’t want to have any sugar in the diet.

4 Extremely Silly Weight Loss Health Tips

Number Three: Your Metabolism is slow because you’re not eating enough

That’s the stupidest tip that I’ve ever heard in my life because if you’re not eating because you’re not hungry, and you start eating, what’s going to happen is you’re going to spike insulin. Insulin is going to take that food and that sugar or that stored glucose, whatever, it’s going to take it out of the blood, and it’s going to drop your blood sugars. Now you’re going to end up with low blood sugars. Guess what. You’re going to be hungry.

Number Four:Piracetam smart drug will help you lose weight

The amazing thing about Piracetam smart drug is it’s actually been shown to be brain-protective. In studies with alcohol use and low oxygen states, which is called Hypoxia, Piracetam smart drug has actually been found to prevent brain damage but not increase weight loss.

The smart pill has a mild effect on increasing your metabolism. When I’m taking it, what I find is that I feel more like I’m a lot sharper, however it has never helped me actually lose any weight.
I hope this article has finally cleared up some of the clutter you might find online about tips on how to lose weight. My biggest tip is do your research before believing anything!

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